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05:00 PM Open eCard Feature #410 (Closed): Verwendung der eCard für Backup verschlüsselung
The current focus of the Open eCard App is on eID and authentication, rather than encryption.
While this may change...
04:56 PM Open eCard Feature #409: Dienste - SuisseID?
Integration of new eIDs is, of course, always possible. How important is this feature? Is there any use case?
04:54 PM Open eCard Feature #185 (Closed): Support of "Anywhere USB 2 Ethernet" Adapters
this feature request does not seem to be necessary anymore
04:52 PM Open eCard Feature #154 (Closed): Open Source Due Diligence Report
04:51 PM Open eCard Feature #155 (Closed): Check Code with Black Duck (or similar)


04:05 PM Open eCard Bug #714 (Closed): Pin zur Anmeldung bei OpeneCard vergessen
Account has been reset.


03:21 PM Open eCard Help: RE: Open eCard fails with error "Es konnte keine Verbindung zum eID-Server aufgebaut werden...
It is very likely that this is a problem at the server side. There are some
Services/eID-Servers (e.g. in Nuremberg ...


06:29 PM Open eCard Help: RE: - SOP violated; the hosts do not match.
No, to disable the SOP-check is, as far as we see it, no viable option. We'll synchronise with the colleagues in char...


02:57 PM Open eCard Help: RE: Signing with app via localhost binding
Dear Jonas,
the approach sketched in the paper mentioned above has been refined by now to form the "ChipGateway P...


07:35 PM Open eCard Bug #652: Fehler bei Kfzauskunft Berlin
Zwischen AA2 und OeC gibt es große Unterschiede im StartPAOS:
h1. AA2
<StartPAOS xmlns="urn:iso:std:iso-iec:247...

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