Goals of the Open eCard project

The main goal of the Open eCard project is the implementation of an eID client which implements the eCard API Framework according to BSI-TR03112 which is also conformant to the technical guideline BSI-TR03124 which covers the requirements for eID clients capable to use the German electronic identity card. While the second point is implemented completely the first one is not yet finished which is part of later development processes.

Future development Goals

Next to completing the Framework implementation there has to be done some optimization work and also some refactoring has to be done to simplify the internal structure and processes. Furthermore the support for additional cards is an target to increase the number of potential users. Also the development of Add-ons for specific usages are on the agenda like an signature add-on to create digital signature for PDF documents, XML documents, ...

The Open eCard Team

The team of the Open eCard Project consists of experts out of the academic and industrial sector. A list of members working or have been working on the project is stated below.

Member Mail Phone More Info
Alexander Friedrichs +49-160-4053689
Andreas Kuckartz
Andreas Kühne +49-177-2932497
Antonio González Robles
Benedikt Biallowons
Bud P. Bruegger
Daniel Nemmert
Detlef Hühnlein +49-171-9754980
Dirk Petrautzki +49-9561-317-331
Fritz Elfert +49-711-88770-112
Florian Feldmann
Frederick Roth +49-711-88770-136
Hans-Martin Haase
Holger Widmann +49-711-88770-142
Johannes Schmölz
Moritz Horsch
Sebastian Lösch +49-421-20495-28
Simon Potzernheim +49-9561-317-287
Tobias Wich +49-176-21845766
Thomas Kashofer +49-711-88770-169
Thomas Wieland +49-9561-317-392
Vladislav Mladenov
Wael Alkhatib

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