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05:06 PM Open eCard Bug #513: Abbruch bei TLS-Handshake (illegal_parameter=47)
Hi Holger,
hier im Forum wird das selbe Problem behandelt, vielleic...
Hans-Martin Haase
02:29 PM Open eCard Help: RE: Das TCToken konnte nicht empfangen werden.
welche Optionen sind denn unter Einstellungen -> Allgemeine Einstellungen -> Legacy Verhalten (kann leicht abw...
Hans-Martin Haase


09:00 PM Open eCard Bug #408 (Feedback): SSL login auf
Der Button SSL-Login ist für Benutzer mit SSL-Client Zertifikat. Die Projektseite läuft komplett über TLS und sendet ... Hans-Martin Haase


12:39 PM Open eCard Feature #320 (Solved): Update the wiki description of the add-on creation.
Hans-Martin Haase
12:39 PM Open eCard Feature #320 (Review): Update the wiki description of the add-on creation.
The description was updated about a month ago and covers the current manifest specification. Hans-Martin Haase
12:23 PM Open eCard Bug #228 (Review): http-core test fails behind proxy (build problem)
The test is now an integration test and is just executed by the ci system.
Commit 73856e42b35d9feb368bd590b956831d...
Hans-Martin Haase
11:48 AM Open eCard Bug #406: NullPointerException at start of rich client while doing CardRecognition
The OpeneCardApp.jar is a comment in the jnlp file.
The required jar files are the richclient-1.1.1-20150724-0916....
Hans-Martin Haase


09:59 AM Open eCard Feature #405 (Closed): Rework the error handling in EAC dialog
In the current situation there are fragments of the ErrorStep class which were used earlier to display the errors and... Hans-Martin Haase
09:50 AM Open eCard Feature #404 (Closed): Add error note in EAC dialog if the pin was entered wrong the first time.
In the current flow only the retry counter is decrease in case the PIN was entered wrong for the first time.
I think...
Hans-Martin Haase


01:17 PM Open eCard Bug #399 (Review): No error message in case of attached eID server and an connection close on the eID server side
Hans-Martin Haase

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