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Debian packages

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The Debian packages will also be upstream for other Linux-distributions based on Debian. These include not only Ubuntu but many more Linux distributions (

Some quality criteria which I consider to be important for all packages:

  • Should comply with the Debian Policy (
  • Should be "Lintian clean". Lintian is a tool which can check for Debian Policy violations. The current version of Lintian should not report errors or warnings for a package (
  • Should fullfill criteria of "Debian main": A main condition is that there are no dependencies from proprietary packages such as Oracle Java. Dependencies from OpenJDK are ok. Another potential issue might be dependencies from proprietary card reader drivers. (See also :-)

While no new packages will be accepted into the upcoming release 7.0 (Debian Wheezy) one aim will be to get our packages included with the Debian release 8.0 (Debian Jessie).


Feature #144: Debian: support debsig-verifyRejectedAndreas Kuckartz

Feature #145: Provide SELinux policyRejectedAndreas Kuckartz

Feature #146: Provide AppArmor policyRejectedAndreas Kuckartz


#1 Updated by Andreas Kuckartz almost 7 years ago

On a document which seems to be important regarding security:

Why it makes sense to package Java libraries

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  • Target version set to 8

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  • Target version changed from 8 to 11

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Two checklists which are relevant for packaging (the first one is most important):

Reject FAQ for Debian's NEW-Queue

Checklist for NEW queue processing

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ITP: Open eCard --- lightweight eID client, integrates major international standards

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  • Target version deleted (11)

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  • Target version set to 1.x

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die Einstiegslektüre für Debian Java Packages ist hier

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Packages are available on github.

Also available in: Atom PDF